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    DNBALA: Balance sheet items of the MFI sector, excl. Danmarks Nationalbank by aggregated balance sheet items, data type and reporting institution
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    Due to revision of data, there may be differences between previously published periods and periods published on 25 November 2022 for 2022. The differences mainly applies to Debt securities issued and Liabilities in total. Periods prior to 2022 are accordingly expected to be revised as soon as possible. Revaluations for Liabilities in total and Capital and reserves issued are not currently published. We are working on being able to publish Revaluations for the two balance sheet items as soon as possible. Due to a technical error, the balance sheet items Debt securities held and Capital and reserves are not correct for January to October 2016. The Outstanding amounts for both items are set too low in the affected months. We expect to revise the series as soon as possible. Revaluations and net transactions of debt instruments and shares and other equity held and issued are currently not published for the period 201309

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    26-3-2023 Danmarks Nationalbank ,